Industrial Automation Ltd. Is company originated from the local office of JNE Automation doo, Canadian control systems integrator founded in 2008. in Smederevo as per request of US Steel Smederevo to provide services and technical support in the development and reconstruction of the Smederevo steel plant. Local office operated till beginning of 2014 when by decision of JNE Automation LTD management, company is withdrawing its presence from the region of Europe to focus on the markets of Central America.

Industrial automation Ltd. was formed in 2014 in Belgrade by engineers with many years of experience in the industry, in order to maintain servicing clients in the country and region with which we developed a good business relationship and to search for new markets. Industrial Automation doo have continued cooperation with JNE LTD and became their representative for Serbia and Balkan region. Shortly after independence, Industrial Automation Ltd. started to work on a variety of industrial projects in the country and abroad.

What we do / Our activities / Activities

Team Industrial Automation includes managers and engineers from various fields of business and engineering that bring plenty of experience with strong, diverse skills, developmental skills and enterprising spirit. Therefore, the above mentioned experience and interests, always open the door to new areas of engagement and new challenges. Our team competently covers all the stages required to successfully complete the project, including preliminary studies, project design, construction and project management, project implementation and final commissioning. Since our primary focus is on long-term relationships with clients, we provide service, support and preventive maintenance.

Our range of service:
- Design of control and management of low and medium voltage
- Integrating Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and distributed control systems (DCS). Integration implies adaptation of the existing system, as well as completely new systems, which includes the development of hardware and software platforms
- AC and DC power systems, servo drives and control systems
- Operating interface Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA)
- Construction of the panels and installation of projects "turnkey" (Computer integrated manufacturing systems)
- Design of machines / process
- Pneumatic and hydraulic systems
- Design and integration of robotic systems in industrial plants
- Assemble machinery and equipment
- Project management and supervision of the construction site in order to provide more efficient and cost-effective completion of work
- Start-up, commissioning and troubleshooting in the field
- Services of drawing and design
- Adaptation and translation of project and technical documentation in multiple languages (Serbian, English, Italian, Slovak, Russian)

In addition to the above activities, we have exclusive rights for the distribution of equipment, at the level of the Balkans and beyond, the following manufacturers:
-TMEIC, Tokyo / Japan (Toshiba & Mitsubishi Electric)
-ISISS, Aartselaar / Belgium (Industrial Sensors International Sales & Services)


After the initial contact, the Industrial Automation team began an intensive communication with the client, which aims to obtain the largest possible amount of information in order to preliminarily set the current guidelines of the project. Subsequently, a team of experts, if necessary, communicates and visits the client, in order to provide the most optimum and efficient solutions which covering the technological, economic and time aspect of the project. After collection of all details from customer, we approach to the design, construction and commissioning.

Mission, Vision and Values

Industrial Automation Ltd. wants to establish its business uncompromisingly at high level of professionalism, which in addition to technical and economic factors, encompassing all aspects of health and safety as well as ethical and professional principles as a basis for long-term and committed relationship to customers. Our wish is to establish cooperation with selfless exchange of knowledge and experience with our customers and associates. Only by professional and personal development, it is possible to establish the necessary balance that engineering activities are basically required. That is why it is not rare to offer our clients more than they initially requested or to give them the potential savings and / or the risks in the form of detailed studies.

The values on which we founded our strategy are : reliability, trust, responsibility, quality and development.


We are able to design, install and commission systems of control and management for the following types of industrial and power plants:
- Production and processing of steel, copper and aluminum
- Production and processing of cement, lime and stone
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Oil and gas industry
- Coal mining and ore
- Food industry
- Production and treatment of water
- Manufacture of paper and paper products
- Production of electricity